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Free tokens jawaker | How do I get a spin in the game jawaker

 Free tokens jawaker
Free tokens jawaker

My friends, today, and based on your many requests for tokens or the currency through which you play competitions and win prizes through the Jawaker application, and you want a way to earn this currency free and legally, follow the explanation to take advantage of this feature.

? What is Jawaker app

Jawaker application is a mobile game that has spread widely in the recent period as a result of card games, which are games that are played for the purpose of entertainment among a few people according to the game they play (four hundred, lekha, Tarneeb....) and it is widely spread in the Arab world and the home stone and  The global situation prevented people from playing cards, so the focus turned to the Jawaker app to play over the phone and provide all games with one application.
 Mr. Muhammad Al-Hajj Hassan, co-founder of Jawaker, indicated that all people tend to play cards (hardness) due to the spread of these online games outside the Arab world. He wondered why they were not widespread in our Arab citizens. From here, the idea of ​​the application was launched, and he stressed the difficulty of programming these games due to their complexity
 He also added that he was the one who contributed to the success of Jawaker's application, a homogeneous and compatible whole team for programming the intensity games.
 Jawaker was established in 2009 by agroup of Jordanian youth
Free tokens jawaker

Jawaker app features

The Jawaker application is characterized by the fact that it includes more than 30 cards and table bugs, and these games are especially known in the Levant (severity). As for the Arab Gulf games, there are Baloot, Saudi Hand, Saudi Deal, Cot Po 4, Cotpo 6, Bint Al Sbeit.
 As for the North African countries, the famous games there, such as Stimation, Ronda, and other games.
 You can create your own game and invite your friends to play with the voice chat feature during the game or play with the most skilled card players around the world around the clock


Our way today is to earn some coins that will allow you to create very simple and legal games, groups and competitions for the Jawaker app.
 All you have to do is log in from the link https://www.jawaker.com/en, copy and paste it into the browser and log into your Jawaker account according to the way you registered with the application, then click on the club sign and then on the spin or wheel  Luck to win a lot of prizes, including 10,000 tokens, Pasha days, and many other prizes

You can rotate the fortune teller once every day and win prizes. This is how you earn tokens for free and in a legal and legal way by the Jawaker website. After taking the prize, you close the Jawaker app and open it again and you will see your prize present


A beautiful and social game that entertains us in our spare time and I do not advise anyone to resort to illegal ways to earn tokens because it will lead to the closing of your account forever.
 Leave a comment for any questions or.inquiries


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