Make money by selling your pro photos

Make money by selling your pro photos

hello today we are going to submit you the greater  explore site on google world for photos and media 

what is and why it is used for?

shutterstock is creative marketplace that offers global high-quality media for creative professionals shutterstock was create d by Jon Oringer , this site acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer shutterstock allows you to display your photo taken in high quality on its platform ,Someone else called (the buyer) can buy this photos and use it in different projects
shutterstock maintains a huge library collection over 350 millions images stock without copyright  ,illustrations stock , video clips stock ,vectors graphics,footage stock ,hd models ,editorial ,backgrounds stock and some  music tracks available for licensing ( hospitalization , food , covid pandemic  ,style , community , infection ,minorities , hispanics , death , americans food , institute program , mechanicville, graphic , blacks , efficiency ,artists and much more daily researchers 

these shutterstock royalty media used for companies ,brands , shop marketers , business,  content creators , arrangements , vets and others ... 

a lot of us have the talent of photography , but how do we use this talent to profit from internet?

Tips for selling your photos on shutterstock platform :

1. Take professional photos: As mentioned earlier, there are million of photos posted on the site. You have to focus on the beauty of the photos, the professionalism of the shot, the colors and other things that show that you are a professional photographer.

2.Strong keywords: Buyer uses some keywords to find premier media that they are looking for, so you need to use strong keywords to find your photos easily in the results and download it 

3. high quality photos :You should know that the buyer buys the image either for commercial editing  or for PC prints , so you have to take care of the image quality

shutterstock login 

shutterstock has a free trail for several days or hours website ( free sign in ) from here
you can upload your images for free
first you need to login via this link 
second you have to register a new account  top the site by picking a username , add email and password 
then you have to add more information user name , phone number , official Facebook account ,address ,links

You can make a development  and improve  your  account by using premium account there are a lot of plans valid on the site with there suitable prices  you can chose bank credit or other  payment purchase

Contributer account 

also you can join a contributor account that will get you able to  access money by buying your authentic  photos  from here 


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